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Welcome to Beata Lewis MD

Integrative Therapy & Psychiatry for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and integrative medicine. Treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD. Individual and couples therapy. Empowering individuals through knowledge on their journey to health and wellness. Transforming psychiatry through integration of conventional and alternative approaches.

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When it comes to nutrition and our health, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that with the changes in the Standard American Diet the rates of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and mental health problems such as depression, attention problems, anxiety, and autism are on the rise. The good news is that you can protect and improve your health by improving your diet. In fact, by changing your diet, you can take control over your wellbeing. While conventional medicine has become reliant on using medications to treat symptoms rather than root causes, new movements in medicine, known as integrative medicine and functional medicine look below the surface to address the root causes of disease.  Surprisingly, the root cause of a brain problem may be in the gut.  Research evidence is accumulating for the connection

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Children are sensitive to environmental factors, and changes in food and diet can have dramatic effects on their behavior and moods.  Balancing knowledge about nutrition, children’s tastes, and price poses a challenge for even the savviest and most organized parents. At one point or another, all of us have been told to eat breakfast because it is “the most important meal of the day.”  Yet many people continue to skip breakfast, and offer a variety of excuses such as “I don’t have time” or “I’m not hungry in the morning.”  While there recommendations for the timing of meals and diet plans, research has shown that for school-age kids, eating good-quality breakfasts has a substantial impact on their health and wellbeing.   Eating breakfast has been shown to: improve academic performance, support mental development, help children and adolescents maintain a healthy

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What to eat?  Many of us suffer from “food anxiety”—worries about what to eat and what not to eat in an environment of contaminated food and conflicting dietary guidelines.  Michael Pollan describes the food choice dilemma in his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  We no longer know what is safe or not safe to eat.  Just as our ancestors over the last several millennia had to figure out which berries and mushrooms were OK to eat, so we too are beginning to evolve new instincts- although slowly- for assessing what is food and what is a food-like substance that might kill us. Despite pretty packaging and reassuring nutrition claims, processed foods may be undermining our health.  In the midst of shifting nutritional recommendations, one has to eat something, so it is going to be the Atkins diet or the Mediterranean diet,

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How do I make an appointment?

Call 347.331.1713 to obtain additional information and to make an appointment.   You may also contact us at bliss@beatalewismd.com.


The initial adult psychiatry evaluation takes place in two sessions.  The first session is 1 hour long.


The initial adolescent psychiatry evaluation happens in two sessions.  In the initial appointment Dr. Lewis first speaks to the teen and then to the parents to get the teen’s perspective on what brought them for the evaluation.


The initial child psychiatry evaluation typically involves three sessions.  In the initial appointment Dr. Lewis meets with parents, in the second session with your child, and in the third session we speak about any findings and make a plan for how to best help your child.


Whether you are interested in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology or integrative medicine, the initial evaluation allow for a thorough evaluation of past and present issues so that we can make a good treatment plan.

What can I expect when I come for the initial appointment?

Please ring the bell and you will be buzzed into the waiting area. Please have a seat and your clinicians will come out to greet you. Your clinician will meet with you for the initial evaluation, collect and review any prior records or forms you bring, go over confidentiality and practice policies, and collect the payment information and payment. In the initial interview you will have the opportunity to describe your current concerns and symptoms and your prior health and treatment history. If you are coming for an initial child psychiatry or child psychotherapy appointment, please bring a toy or a book for your child and for younger children please come with a second adult who will be able to wait with your child. We have two locations: Manhattan Location: 841 Broadway, Suite 302 in Manhattan. We are located between 13th and 14th streets on Broadway. You can take the elevator to the third floor to find Suite 302. Our office is #5. Brooklyn Location: 49 8th Ave in Park Slope.

Can I use my insurance?

Dr. Lewis does not participate in any insurance as an in-network provider. We do work with all out-of-network plans. If you have out of network benefits with your insurance we will file for reimbursement for you or provide you with all the necessary forms for you to file. Please call your insurance company to check if you have out of network benefits and ask about any deductible that you might have.





                                                        • Do I have out-of-network benefits for mental health?
                                                        • Do I have a deductible for mental health services?
                                                        • At what rate will I be reimbursed for mental health services (the usual range is 50% to 80%)?

When you use your out of network benefits though the insurance you pay directly to the clinician and then file for reimbursement with your insurance company. Insurance companies take between two and six weeks on average to process reimbursement claims.


We can support you in this process, and are available to answer your insurance-related questions to the best of our ability.