Integrative and Functional Psychiatry


Integrative psychiatry and functional psychiatry recognize the relationship of the brain with the other systems of the body. This method of treatment combines both conventional approaches, such as psychotherapy and psychotropic medications, with complementary treatments, to provide the most effective care.

Functional medicine can address root causes of depression, anxiety, OCD, chronic fatigue and other conditions.



Sometimes medications are necessary to treat distressing symptoms and achieve the best results. Dr. Lewis is a board-certified psychiatrist in Brooklyn, NY with an expertise in psychiatric diagnostic assessment, determination of the need for medication, and selection, monitoring, and adjustment of medications.  Dr. Lewis will collaborate with you to determine whether medication is appropriate and offer you support in making the best decisions for your health. She will work gently and carefully to optimize your medication regimen, and combine medications with other psychological and integrative treatments to maximize benefits and minimize side effects.

Dr. Lewis is available for diagnostic evaluation, determination of the need for medication, second opinion on medication use, and ongoing medication management for children and adults.

Mind Body Seven clinicians use a moderate and conservative approach to medication and will collaborate with you to determine the most effective medication for you and your condition. We will aid you in monitoring for possible side effects and adjusting appropriately to help you on your journey to optimal wellness. While medication is not the only method of treatment for mental disorders, it is proven to be highly effective for many individuals, and therefore we incorporate it in our care.

Dr. Beata Lewis, MD, Natasha Felton, PNP and Moriya Jakobov NP specialize in integrative psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

To schedule a consultation please email info@beatalewismd.comcall 646.606.2663 or request an appointment.