Major Medical Illness

Support for medical illness

Health concerns or major distressing diagnoses can coincide with psychological stress or difficulty adjusting to the information, although these issues are not always addressed or acknowledged adequately. Doctors can spectacularly tend to physical symptoms or experiences, but the other elements that relate to major medical illnesses can be neglected. Therefore, seeking treatment to adequately tend to these elements of such a complex and stressful time is incredibly important to help adjust to life with the illness. These chronic illnesses such as AIDs or cancer may alter one’s sense of self or identity, in addition to managing difficult physical symptoms. These stresses impact an individual as well as their entire family, and it is important to care for the whole individual and acknowledge the psychological complexities or stressors that accompany these experiences. Mind Body Psychiatry clinicians use an integrative approach to acknowledge, validate, and help navigate the psychological difficulties associated with major medical illnesses, helping the client regain their sense of self to heal the whole person.

Natasha Felton, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specializes in major medical illness care.

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