Life Transitions

It is very common to feel stress and confusion when transitioning to a new phase of life. Examples of life transitions are:

  • Changing careers or retiring
  • Shifting from being a student to working
  • Breaking up or divorce
  • Moving to a new place
  • Becoming a parent
  • Becoming a caretaker
  • Coming to terms with sexual or gender identity

Life transitions can trigger feelings of disruption in identity and any associated fears accompanying elements of change and uncertainty. Mind Body Psychiatry uses a variety of methods to help facilitate feelings of safety, confidence and empowerment that might have been diminished with a transition. These treatments help cope with change and embrace a new phase of life, often encouraging a process of personal growth.

Our practitioners Peggy Kaplin Zaloga, LMSW, Kaylee Rutchik-Stix, LCSW, and Cheryl Kornfeld specialize in life transition counseling. 

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