Gender & Sexuality

One’s sex and gender are important components to their identity. While sex describes one’s biological anatomy, including hormones and genetics, gender identity refers to a person’s sense of their own gender, whether it be male, female, or another gender (1). Further, sexual identity describes one’s preferences for sexual and emotional attraction to another gender. These three elements are distinctly different, but navigating how one relates to these aspects in conjunction with external expectations can be challenging, especially without proper support.

These elements are also highly fluid in an individual, making the creation of a static identity confusing or difficult. How these pieces fit and relate to one another without proper knowledge or support can lead to depression or anxiety (2). Embracing and delving into the fluidity of these identities is welcome and encouraged at Mind Body Psychiatry. Our practitioners provide an environment that is nonjudgmental, accepting and supportive, helping lift you to greater self understanding and acceptance. We help you be your best self and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Dr. Cheryl Kornfeld specializes in gender and sexuality work.

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