If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation the first step is to set an appointment.  Our practice includes a team of experienced clinicians and we would be happy to assist you choosing the best provider for your needs. 

You are welcome to book your appointment through our online scheduling system.

You may also feel free to call us at 646.606.2663  or send an email to: An initial phone conversation will take a few minutes. We can answer any questions you may have, and we might ask you:

  • What kind of care are you looking for (psychotherapy for an adult or child, medication management, integrative medicine care, biofeedback, second opinion, etc.)?

  • Are you currently on medications?

  • What is your availability and preferred location?

  • Do you have health insurance and do you have out-of-network benefits for mental health through your insurance? (for more information, see Cost and Insurance)

You will be invited to fill out the Initial Evaluation Patient Information forms prior to your initial interview. Filling out the forms prior to your initial appointment can facilitate the initial interview.


You have the right to privacy. All your personal information and records are kept confidential. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will not release your information without prior written consent. The only situation where we may be required to compromise your confidentiality is in the case of emergency, a situation of imminent danger to your life or the life of another person.

Adult Psychiatric Evaluation

In the initial appointment we will talk about your current concerns and key background information. Please bring any prior records you would like to share, a list of prescription and over the counter medications, and the intake forms if you have not completed them online.

Adolescent psychiatric Evaluation

In the initial appointment, we will meet with the teen alone for part of the time and with the parents alone for part of the time. Please bring any prior records of any psychological testing or prior evaluations, a list of prescription and over the counter medications, and the intake forms if you filled them out before the appointment, and the names of your pediatrician and any other health care providers.

Child psychiatric Evaluation

The initial appointment is with parents only and the second visit is with your child. Please bring any prior records of any psychological testing or prior evaluations, and the intake forms, and a toy for your child. The third appointment is an opportunity for feedback and treatment planning with the parents only.

We welcome your interest. We aim to provide the best care possible to you, and to schedule as soon as we are able. Please be advised that the initial evaluation process takes time, and we may not be able to accommodate urgent appointment requests. If you have an emergency, please call 911 or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800.273.8255.


Please ring the bell and you will be buzzed into the waiting area. Please have a seat and your clinician will come out to greet you. Your clinician will meet with you for the initial interview, collect and review any prior records or forms you bring, go over confidentiality and practice policies, and collect the payment information and payment. In the initial interview you will have the opportunity to describe your current concerns and your prior health and treatment history.


  • Drawing from the most current research and ancient sources alike, we provide you with quality care, integrating a wide array conventional and alternative treatments.

  • We address the symptoms that bring you into treatment, and build on your strengths, talents, interests, experiences, and imagination.

  • We conduct a thorough assessment and strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of who you are, taking into account the particulars of your life—the social, emotional, cultural, and professional aspects.

  • While diagnosis is important because it guides treatment, we aim to avoid attaching labels. Instead, we focus on a personalized approach to care that evolves with you over time.

  • We serve as teammates and committed partners on your path to recovery and optimal health.

  • You can feel better and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.


We have multiple locations:

Brooklyn Location: 49 8th Avenue in Brooklyn
Meter parking is available at the Brooklyn location right in front of the office on 8th Avenue.

Brooklyn Location: 38 8th Avenue in Brooklyn.
Meter parking is available at the Brooklyn location right in front of the office on 8th Avenue.

Future Location: 200 Prospect Park West in Brooklyn


  • Initial Intake Appointment (45 minutes)

  • Extended Intake (90 minutes) 

  • Integrative Medicine and Integrative Psychiatry Comprehensive Evaluation and Testing with Nutritional Recommendations/Elimination Diet and Supplement Recommendations (90 min initial and 90 min 1 month later)

  • Psychopharmacology follow up appointment (30 minutes)

  • Psychotherapy or Extended Psychopharmacology (45 minutes)

  • Psychotherapy extended (family sessions, EMDR) (90 minutes)

Please prepare for the Initial Evaluation by filling out the preinterview forms. Please bring any prior evaluation records, such as neuropsychological testing results, as well as relevant medical records such as recent laboratory work results.

The standard psychotherapy session is 45 minutes, however in some cases double sessions are appropriate. Sessions that involve family therapy or Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization (EMDR) typically require the additional time for preparation and reflection.


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