While nervousness before a presentation is a common experience, an excess of nervousness can describe anxiety, which can be debilitating and uncomfortable. Relief necessitates treatment from a health professional. Worry, stress, fear or insomnia are common symptoms that, when experienced regularly, can inform treatment to help relieve these symptoms. Often, symptoms of anxiety reveal an underlying fear of the future or fear of certain circumstances, like social situations or medical procedures. Studies show that approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, medication, and mind body treatments have all been proven to be effective in relieving symptoms of anxiety. By addressing these potential underlying fears, Mind Body Psychiatry practitioners can help an individual reclaim their life from their anxiety.

Our practitioners Cheryl Kornfeld PsyD, Peggy Kaplin Zaloga, LMSW, Kaylee Rutchik-Stix, LCSW, Natasha Felton, NP, and Beata Lewis, MD specialize in anxiety treatment.

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